Copier Analytics has Secured Savings of MANY TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS servicing clients of all sizes throughout the country. . .

Even clients with a small number of Copiers — we saved clients an average of $23,550 PER COPIER! 
Here are just a few of our satisfied customers:

  • Wellington School SAVED $24,000
  • Callan, Koster, Brady & Brennan LLP (Law Firm) SAVED $49,680 Saved $24,840 per Copier
  • Mississippi Blood Services SAVED $69,000 (Only 2-Copiers) Saved $34,500 per Copier
  • ERP CPA SAVED $80,474 (Only 3-Copiers) Saved $26,824 per Copier
  • Eisner Lubin LLP (CPA Firm) SAVED $99,150 (Only 3-Copiers) Saved $33,050 per Copier
  • American Farm Bureau Federation SAVED $103,123
  • Healthcare Distribution Management Association SAVED $105,492
  • Lighthouse SAVED $121,500
  • Burke Rehabilitation Hospital SAVED $147,062
  • Pullman & Comley LLC (Law Firm) SAVED $189,000 (Only 12-Copiers) Saved $15,750 per Copier
  • American Bible Society SAVED $200,000
  • South Texas Blood & Tissue Center SAVED $305,184
  • College of Mount Saint Vincent SAVED $335,920
  • Henry Street Settlement SAVED $400,000
  • CharterCARE Health Partners SAVED $423,199
  • Iona College SAVED $462,241
  • Polytechnic University SAVED $543,780
  • Miami Children's Hospital SAVED $1.350 million
  • NYU Lagone Medical Center SAVED $1.638 million
  • University of Connecticut SAVED $1.956 million
  • Care New England SAVED $2.350 million
  • Temple University SAVED $4.500 million
  • New York University SAVED $8.839 million

Copier Analytics has expertise in analyzing output strategies for customers in paper-intensive industries such as financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and many more. We understand how paper and electronic documents impact the efficiency of business processes. We have a long list of distinguished clients and as you can see by the enclosed testimonials, we are very effective in working with our client to insure cost savings.