I’m Michael Gold, the Hawaii District Manager for Copier Analytics.


I brought Copier Analytics to Hawaii because having been a “Kama’aina” businessman since 1970, and as all of us “Kama’aina” know, there is a ‘paradise tax’ when doing business in Hawaii. Therefore, I know an opportunity for Hawaii businesses and organizations to reduce their cost of doing business should not only be welcome, but greatly desired and appreciated.

We have generated Savings of MANY TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS servicing clients of all sizes throughout the country. Copier Analytics’ unique  system of analytics identifies inefficiency and waste in our client’s print and copier programs.  From $50,000 for a small law firm to $8,839,000 in savings for a University, we have consistently brought hard dollar savings to our clients

We can do the same for you, at no cost to you. FIND OUT HOW.

Hawaii Businesses and Organizations can now have
an Industry EXPERT on their side

Copier Analytics provides a very unique service by helping our clients achieve the best document management. And Copier Analytics itself is unique because of its experience and specialized knowledge understanding the intricacies of the hard copy/print marketplace.

This unique service has never been available to Hawaii businesses and organization before. Because most businesses are paying way too much for their document management expenses, the potential savings for Hawaii businesses and organizations is significant.

If you’re a small business and you could save $50,000, $100,000, $200,000; or a larger organization and you could save $700,000, $1,000,000, $5,000,000; what Hawaii business, organization or business person wouldn’t be pleased ? !

We partner with you to reduce document management expenses, and evaluate your copier and printer equipment technology, security, and green initiatives, all so you can achieve a notable reduction of expenses along with better efficiencies. 

Copier Analytics’ experienced analysts evaluate your existing copier and printer expenses including leases, purchase price, service costs, maintenance supplies and meter charges. In an ever-changing economy, organizations are challenged to develop and maintain technology investment strategies that maximize process improvements and cost savings. An effective, sustainable design of your imaging and printing infrastructure must balance all the elements of utilization, functionality, security, environmental sustainability, workflows and total cost of ownership.

Our fee is based on a small percentage of actual achieved savings and not speculative recommendations typically recommended by consultants, and our fee includes the full implementation of our recommendations.

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Michael F. Gold
Hawaii District Manager
Copier Analytics - Hawaii