Total Cost of Ownership Discovery Analysis (TCO)

The intent of the Copier and Printer Consultant’s analysis of current TCO relating to production of copies/prints at your organization is to provide a financial estimate intended to determine the direct and indirect costs associated with document production. Copier and Printer Consultant’s are able to provide this benchmarking target pricing based on their technical expertise.

The TCO analysis combined with advanced benchmarking provides specific insights and comparison with the best industry practices. The deliverable TCO analysis together with a high-level business case to support your decision-making will validate current practices, identify possible efficiencies and outline options designed to reduce the total cost of ownership.

The Analysis

An experienced Consultant’s expertise will provide a comprehensive, structured analysis of all costs associated with document production at your business/organization. This applied costing model includes the purchase price, financing cost, supplier invoices, as well as direct and indirect costs related to the use and maintenance of your equipment, device and or software.

The Methodology

Experienced Consultants have had the opportunity to provide document production analysis services to hundreds of companies and organizations of all sizes and types. Their approach in assisting your business/organization is based on discovering what is the best performance being achieved in the marketplace – whether in a particular company, by a competitor or by an entirely different industry. This information can then be used to identify gaps in an organization’s processes in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

They identify current cost of ownership and gaps in services that are included in vendor contracts but not utilized by the customer.

Commodity Concept- Aggregate Cost per Copy

To understand the true cost of ownership, you must first understand the components driving copy and print expense. The excessive components are underutilization, evergreen lease agreements, unused supplies and unused maintenance charges or early equipment terminations that are rolled into new leases/agreements.

That is where partnering with an experienced Copier and Printer Management Consultant, to benefit from their collective knowledge, brings results that can maximize process improvements and cost savings.