Copier-Printer Management CONSULTING: OVERVIEW

In an ever-changing economy, organizations are challenged to develop and maintain technology investment strategies that maximize process improvements and cost savings.

For many organizations; total cost of operations and fleet management of copier and printer assets is usually underestimated and for many large corporations this is one of the most expensive overhead items and a vital component of your firm’s communication infrastructure.

Copier and Printer Management Consultants have saved many tens of millions of dollars for businesses and organizations of various industries and of diverse size, by understanding the intricacies of the hard copy/print marketplace and by assisting businesses/organizations in including all cost components of what is typically a fractured and fragmented approach to managing this commodity. These consultants focus on the cost of the finished product-ink/toner on paper, creating economy of scale and benchmarking your current costs on the best industry standards and contract pricing.

Hard drives, network and document security, document management, electronic storage and retrieval, digital image capture, mobile devices and cloud services have changed the way that people and organizations use images and content. The rapid change in multiple function print "MFP" technology necessitates a focused and highly specialized knowledge and skill set. That is where partnering with an experienced Copier and Printer Management Consultant, to benefit from their collective knowledge, brings results that can maximize process improvements and cost savings.